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"When they sent my daughter home from school with lice, I panicked. I didn't know what a louse or a nit looked like. I certainly didn't know how to get them out of my daughter's head. I felt so helpless! Then my good friend told me about LiceBGoners. I was so relieved to know that there was someone out there who would take care of everything for me. And you did! Just like you said you would. Quickly and professionally. And you were so nice too. I'm so grateful!"

Julie R., Mom

"Thank you for everything. Your professional but reassuring manner really calmed me down. Just the thought of touching those disgusting little lice made me cringe. But you took care of it all, and you didn't use chemicals either. You can be sure I'll tell all my friends, family and neighbors about LiceBGoners."

Sharon B., School Nurse

"Now that I've found LiceBGoners, I don't have to feel
guilty anymore.I don't have to feel guilty that my kids are
walking around with head licebecause I don't know how to
take care of the pests. I don't have to feel guilty that my kids
may be contaminating other people's kids. And this is even
more important (to me and a lot of other parents I know), I
don't have to feel guilty about using chemicals on my child's head. What a relief!"

Alan S., Dad

"No more hours and hours of sitting and picking. No more crying and screaming. No more feeling like I want to rip my own hair out of my head in despair. Now I know that if any of my children comes home with lice, the only thing I have to do is call LiceBGoners."

Meg J., Mother of 5

"I'm so impressed with your quick, professional, caring service. It's really 'satisfaction guaranteed.' I don't dread school lice-check days anymore."

Jim R., Educator
parent and teacher approved
satisfaction guaranteed
100% safe & chemical free