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We know your schedule is hectic. That's why we offer house calls. We'll come down to your house at your convenience. Remember: you don't have to prepare anything. Just let us in and let us take over. What a relief!

For a more budget-friendly alternative, you can visit our
spacious clinic. Just call (347) 946-4071 for an appointment.
We know it's urgent. We'll take care of you right away.

But no matter where we treat you, you'll find our staff
caring and kid-friendly
. Don't hesitate to put yourself
in our experienced hands.

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All schools share the same experience - lice epidemic! Panic takes over, parents are hysterical, blame gets shifted and fear sets in that these contagious creepy critters will get to their chilren and then to the rest of the family.

Licebgoners has a professional and experienced staff of clinicians that will come to your school and check each and every child. Their mere presence will change the atmosphere of fear to calm. If we do detect lice in a child, we are available to go to the child's home to eliminate his/her lice, and to check the rest of the family's heads. We will advise and guide them.

The parents of your school will appreciate that you care, and are doing your utmost to prevent an outbreak. When it comes to an outbreak, "an ounce of prevention" is worth more than a pound of cure.

Call us at (347) 946-4071 so that we can schedule a lice check in your school. Or email us at [email protected]. Our courteous and friendly clinicians will be waiting to assist you.

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