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We know what it's like. You stand there worriedly watching your child scratching his or her head, or you just got a note or phone call from school that your child has lice, nits, or both. What do you do now?

LiceBGoners is a unique, friendly team of women, trained for removing lice and nits safely and effectively. Yours is not an isolated case; we have treated hundreds of people just like you and have ridden them of this problem. If you would like to be rid of your lice, e-mail us now or call us directly at (347) 946-4071. We'll be there quickly, ready to take care of everything while you go on with your own business.

Head lice is a common problem, and for many parents it takes weeks, months and even longer to get rid of these itchy, contagious pests. LiceBGoners gets rid of them fast! No case is too difficult for our trained staff. We deal with even the worst infestations.

our guarantee
Put yourself and your
children into our hands
& you'll never dread nits
& lice again, guaranteed!

And when we say
satisfaction guaranteed
we mean it. Ask our
grateful clients. They
know we care about
every one of them.

d Why you need us

Head lice are six legged insects. They multiply in the scalp by laying their eggs and are able to live there by biting the scalp and sucking the blood. Head lice are clear in color when hatched and develop a reddish brown color after feeding. They live for approximately 30 days on a host (person). Off the host, they can survive only about 24 hours. The female louse may lay up to 100 nits (eggs). These are small, yellow-white oval-shaped eggs that are "glued" at an angle to the side of a hair shaft. It takes 7-10 days for the nits to hatch, and another 7-10 days for a female to mature and begin laying her own eggs.

You can probably see the need to get rid of them now. It would be great if you could handle the problem on your own, wouldn't it? But, can you? Would you know what a louse or nit looked like if you saw one? And even if did, how would you get those stubborn, sticky eggs out of your child's hair? It's not easy! Besides,would the thought of touching lice bug you? Plus, with your already hectic schedule, can you afford to spend all those hours picking nits and lice out of your child's hair? The bottom line is, why bother with the time, risk and headaches if we can do the job for you - and guarantee our work, too?
chemical free

Head lice are itchy and hard to get rid. Because children scratch their
scalp for relief, infections can occur. They must be removed properly.
Our removal methods are completely safe. We use 100%
chemical-free products, so you don't have to worry about
any poisonous pesticides seeping into your child's brain.

d Making an appointment

Would you like to take advantage of our house-call service? You can remain comfortably at home, and we'll send you one of our professional staffers to do the job. Or you can just as easily come to us and be treated in our cozy and comfortable Brooklyn clinic.

Whether you want us to come to you or you decide to visit us at our clinic, our experienced and trained staff will get rid of all those lice and nits quickly, professionally and safely.

d the need for speed

We know all too well that just one nit or louse remaining on your child's head means another outbreak all over again. That's why we work fast and why we are committed to 100% excellence. We know that nothing less will do it.

Just give us a call. We know you need us right now. We know that those pesky little pests spread quickly. That's why we offer truly prompt service.

parent and teacher approved
satisfaction guaranteed
100% safe & chemical free