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professional lice removal service

Are you noticing your child scratching his head lately? Is it beginning to annoy you? Now imagine what your child is going through. He is certainly itching to find relief!

Lice in one's scalp can be very uncomfortable. It's uncomfortable
enough just knowing that they are there. Want to know what they
do there? They feed on blood from your child's scalp, that's all.
Oh, and they are there to stay. That's why they glue their eggs
to your child's hair. Good thing we're around to change their

To get rid of head lice is no easy task. You must make sure you get rid of every single nit and louse. Remember, each tiny insect can lay 250 eggs (nits) in one month, so it's important you don't miss anything.

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Itching for a solution?

A bit nervous about doing it yourself? There's no need to panic. Just call us and we'll take care of everything. We handle the most severe cases.We can either come to you or you can be treated in our very own clinic located in Brooklyn. We also visit schools!

Our name, LiceBGoners, is just what we do. Contact us now, to have your lice be gone for good! Satisfaction guaranteed.

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satisfaction guaranteed
100% safe & chemical free